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I am a New York certified pyrotechnician (that is, licensed to conduct fireworks displays) and a licensed manufacturer of explosives.

I am a charter member, treasurer and Webmaster of the Comic Book Club of Ithaca, the longest-running comic book club in the United States.

I am a founder and organizer of ITHACON, the second longest-running comic convention in the US.

Since 1974, I've been a dealer in back-issue comic books. I sell on Ebay as comicsfirst.

I retired from Cornell University as a security engineer in 2018.

Italy travel planning

Pictures from our trip to Italy in 2003

Planning our trip to Rome and Sorrento in 2003

Itinerary for our 2005 trip to Assisi and Rome

Day trips from Rome, referencing the now-gone Slow Travelers site.

Megacon 2002 convention report

Frazetta 1977 convention report

I once owned a major comic book, Suspense Comics #3.

Bill Turner
208 Ridgedale Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850