Italy 2003

Yes, Bill and Lisa are going back to Italy in 2003! We fly out of Philadelphia on May 16, and arrive in Rome the morning of the 17th. We will be there for a week, then go down to Sorrento for a week, then back to Rome for two nights, then leave for home on June 2.

Wil will be joining us from Japan. He will fly into Rome the evening of the 17th, and out of Naples on the 31st.

Our detail itinerary is here.

Where we are staying

May 17-24 in Rome: Campo de' Fiori: "Marco Polo", a one bedroom, sitting room attic with large roof garden that we are renting through Roman Homes. Roman Homes is a full-service agency, so there is a lot of information about connections to the airport, train stations, excursions, etc. The Roman Homes Price List (which requires Internet Explorer) is not reachable by links from the home page.

May 24-31 in Meta di Sorrento: Villa Michela, Meta di Sorrento, Sorrento Coast. The Summer In Italy Web site has a bunch of useful information and links to maps, train schedules, and the like.

May 31-June 2 in Rome: The Hotel Romano across the street from the Forum.

Things to do and see in Rome

Scala Reale Architectural Itineraries in Rome is a tour company featuring walking tours lead by architecture students. Very highly spoken of by people who have taken the tours. Once you've registered, you get to use the member's area.

Travels with Ed and Julie was an excellent site that is now retired, but is accessable through the Internet Wayback Machine. They had Rome For Travelers... Tips & Tools For Visitors To Our Favorite City with a lot of information and personal reviews of various things to do in Rome, including tours they thought were good. One of the tours that requires advance planning is the Scavi tour, of the necropolis under St. Peter's. Rome - Excursions and Sights Outside the City is more from Ed and Julie about day excursions such as Ostia Antica.

Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome is the home page for Ostia Antica.

InItaly's Welcome To Latium & Rome! has a bunch of tips and links.

The Enjoy Rome City Guide has a lot of the basic tourist information, including where to find the tourist kiosks that give away maps, how to use public transportation, etc.

Need to find where something is located? gives you a searchable map of Rome.

Santa Susanna is the American national church in Rome. They offer help with things like attending papal Mass and audiences, and general advice.

Roma sotterranea / Subterranean Rome has a lot of information and pictures about underground Rome. This does not seem to include a lot of tourist stuff, it's more like "crawl under the fence and you'll see a hole in front of you". Bring a flashlight! (Oops, the English version seems to have gone away. Oh, well.)

Yes, Rome even has a quilt shop: KreativaKraft, Via Caio Lelio, 16 - 00175 Roma, telefonando al numero 0671072794.

Things to see and do in Sorrento

From Sorrento, you can take a ferry to Capri, or hop on the Circumvesuviano local train to Pompeii. There is a great trip report on the Slow Travelers site about somebody who did both, including renting a boat on Capri after taking the ferry from Sorrento. Sounds very cool!

InItaly's Welcome to Campania has general information.

Welcome to Capri Island is pretty much the Capri home page.

Slow Travelers

Slow Travelers is a Web site oriented toward staying a week or more in one place, rather than the "see everything in 2 days" tours. Slow Travelers Italy has a wealth of information about travel to Italy. The focus is not on Rome in particular. Slowtalk - Italy is the Slow Travelers message board for Italy.

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